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Choosing for Bliss Reclaiming Your Inherent Joy is a valuable primer for anyone who feels they are on the “hamster wheel” of life, wishes to get off and doesn’t have a clue how to begin.

Author Renee Duane had a caring husband, one son, a rewarding career, and in 1997, felt she was dying. Seemingly too late, she found the deterioration of her body was the consequence of her driven life style. Angry at life for robbing her of health, Renee made the decision to become proactive in reclaiming her wellness. While healing her body, she discovered her mind/body/spirit connection and reclaimed not only her health, but her inherent joy as well.

Included in the book are strategies for:
  -   Identifying self-sabotaging behaviors
  -   Understanding the mind/body/spirit connection
  -   Self-empowerment
  -   Consciously creating

Unique to this book are the Discovery Sheets Renee uses in her seminars, Reclaiming Your Inherent Joy. If the reader chooses while reading the book to complete the Discovery Sheets, they may find surprising insights into unconscious behaviors that sabotage their health and happiness. Are you ready to explore the unconscious habits that sabotage your happiness?

Renee Duane at Barnes and Noble.
Donna Ventura, poet with Renee Duane at Barnes and Noble.