An inspiring, entertaining and motivational speaker Renee Duane will energize your next meeting with her passion and enthusiasm for using the mind/body/spirit connection to choose for joy and release stress!  Motivate your audience with seminars such as:

Reclaiming Your Inherent Joy

Do you remember the state of unbounded joy that you experienced as a young child? If not, take the time to observe a few preschoolers and observe the joy and bliss in which they live each and every moment. Tears rapidly evaporate at the wonder of something as commonplace as a colorful stone. Why does our wonderment and natural state of joy change? As we age, we accumulate layers of fear and stress that shape us to be something that we are not and force us to see our world as something it is not. This seminar is about developing awareness. Using the body/mind/spirit connection we will discover unconscious behaviors that we use to sabotage our health and happiness. When we confront these unconscious habits, we become empowered. Awareness gives us the ability to make different choices, better choices in the future. Once we are freed of our negative unconscious habits, our inherent joy surfaces.

spiritual partnering

DATE: January 16, 2016
TIME: 9 a.m. to noon
PLACE: Yoga Village, 2760 Daniel St., Clearwater 33761
COST: $25.00 for a single, $45.00 a couple (married, partnered, friends, 2 tickets purchased by one person.)

Presenters: Tom and Renee Duane
They have been married since Feb. of 71. Both are Ascenders (1998) and Oneness Blessing Givers since 2007. The Duanes have been to Oneness University together two times. Renee went again solo for 30 days in 2013. They have led the Sunday Oneness Blessing at Yoga Village for a number of years. Renee is the author of: Choosing for Bliss Reclaiming Your Inherent Joy.

We all want love. Based on the plethora of dating services we could conclude that most people are seeking a long term, committed relationship; someone to share their life with. The reality is too many partnered relationships fail. Renee & Tom Duane are an exception. They have been married and spiritual partners for forty-five years as of February of 2016. People ask them: "What's the secret to the success of your marriage?" In this interactive seminar, the Duanes will share with the audience strategies and patterns of communication that have enriched their relationship and continue to support their spiritual partnership. Bring your partner or come alone there's insightful information for anyone who desires a fulfilling spiritual partnership.

To Register Call Yoga Village: 727-712-1475


Choosing for Joy in Relationship

Have you ever thought any of the following?

  • - I have to spend the holidays with my family; I wish I didn’t have to go.
  • - I have this pattern of saying or doing the wrong thing and screwing up my relationship with my significant other. If only he or she would change, life would be so much nicer.
  • - I’m trying to be a good parent, why do I get the feeling my children resent my advice?
  • - I’m tired of dealing with the obnoxious people around me.
Fulfilling relationships don’t come naturally for most of us. Renee will guide us using our mind/body connection and self-discovery sheets to examine the unconscious patterns we use to sabotage relationships with our significant other, family and colleagues. With awareness, we can drop habits that don’t serve, and then yes, we can create the loving fulfilling relationships we so desire.


joy on the job

Do you look forward to Friday afternoon and dread Monday morning? Imagine what it might be like if after a few years of work you still had the excitement you felt when you were first hired. It is the stress around time, money, worry, responsibility, perfection and annoying people that gets in the way of your joy on the job. Stress in time leads to illness and even thoughts like this "job is killing me". This seminar will lead you to use your mind/body connection to uncover your stress and choose an empowered response. You can choose to have it all, fulfilling work and good health. 


Offerings for Your Spirit

Embracing Yourself – looking behind the mask. Our most courageous life endeavor is seeking the answer to the question: “Who am I?” This seminar will give us a good beginning in exploring that question.

Resolving the Inner Conflict - the outer world reflects the inner world. If you are experiencing strife in your outer world it’s a good indication you are conflicted with in. We’ll examine how this is, gain awareness of our unconscious habits that feed the conflict and learn proactive strategies for resolving the dissonance within and bringing peace and harmony to your inner and outer worlds.