Are You ready to get off the hamster wheel of life?

The way to feel and actually be joyful can be your life experience. We each have a life.  The choice for how your life unfolds is yours.  Today, in this moment you get to choose for the old patterns, thoughts and habits that have rendered the mental and physical disease you are experiencing, or you can choose for something different.  

Encouraging Words can assist you or your organization with de-stressing and accessing your joy through workshops, keynote speeches and my book:  "Choosing for Bliss, Reclaiming Your Inherent Joy. "

Begin your journey ...

Here are some strategies for beginning your journey from stress and victim-hood to empowerment and reclaiming your inherent joy: 

  • - Watch your thoughts.  Observe how your body feels when you entertain fearful thoughts. Learn a meditation (the one I use is Ishayas Ascension) it will slow the mind and give you the awareness you are not your thoughts. You can choose for better feeling thoughts.
  • - Be willing to feel. Become aware of your feelings/emotions and you will gain the insight that you are not your emotions. Feeling emotions releases them, stuffing emotions creates dis-ease. Ask yourself, “What am I resistant to feeling?”
  • - You are not a victim!  Pay attention to when you are feeling you have no choices. Ask yourself, “Is this true?” If you’re being honest the answer is, “No!” In every moment, in every circumstance you have freedom of choice. Use this choice to feel/be empowered.


Congratulations for choosing to get off the hamster wheel of life!